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An Easter Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who helped with our Triduum celebrations!  Planning, set up, leading, bringing tasty treats, and cleanup, our celebrations aren't possible without you.  I'm so grateful for the ways each of you support each other, this community, and me.

It is always a blessing to be together, but this weekend was especially sweet.  I wanted to share a few moments that stuck out for me.

During the opening hymn of our Holy Thursday Mass, there were some folks who knew the chorus with a slightly different tune (probably due to my transcription errors in writing out the congregational part), and so for a few moments each verse we had the most beautiful harmonies.  (Genuinely, the harmonies were lovely! I wanted to keep singing just to get to hear them.)

The Good Friday Lament service was supposed to just be readers from FCC, but at the last minute several folks had to back out.  I loved seeing you all fill those roles at the eleventh hour as though it had always been planned that way.  You made that service feel more like a joint offering because of your participation.

Easter Vigil had two sweet moments.  The first was when we were so concerned that one of our visitors hadn't received communion that I chased them down and made them take a double helping.  Turns out they'd had a negative experience in a different catholic setting, and were totally overwhelmed by our welcome.  The second was during the baptismal reaffirmation when I heard my mother in law shout "We will!"  It was a reminder to me that no matter the stage of our life, our baptism will carry us.

...I suppose the third sweetest moment of Vigil was the desserts at the reception!  We have some serious bakers among us!

If you weren't able to be with us, know we missed you.  Later in the newsletter will be links to portions of the services from these three days.  As we move into the next season of life together, I hope your Lenten intentions have bloomed, and that light and life are yours in these Easter days.

Christ is risen indeed!

Pastor Maggie


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