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Blessing Bags Update!

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Thank you to everyone who donated their time, money, and/or goods for our Blessing Bags project! This past Saturday we assembled 50 bags with hygiene items, snacks, hand/foot warmers, water, toilet paper, and feminine care products. We’ve had a request for these kinds of bags from Easter Missouri Legal Services, so that is where this round of bags is heading!

50 Ziplock bags filled with necessities for neighbors in need.

This project continues on July 1 and August 5. We have enough of many of the items on our original list to complete the next two days, but there are some that need to be replenished. An updated list of needed items can be found here. You all have been tremendously generous, so this list is much shorter than it was last month.

Again, thank you for your contributions, ideas, and prayers. Caring for our neighbors in need is truly the work of the people, and I’m proud to be doing that work with you!


Pastor Maggie

P.S. Feel free to get a little creative in sourcing the items on the list. For example, the sunscreen we included in Saturday’s bags were donated by a local dermatologist with a connection to the church. Does anybody else also know a local dermatologist who might want to support this project? A local purveyor of baby wipes? A grandpa with too much hard candy? You get the idea.


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