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The Beatitudes & Grief

This last week’s sermon on the Beatitudes included thoughts on grief and loss from Anderson Cooper’s 2019 interview of Stephen Colbert. Here is the link I promised to the entire interview. I have cued it up to the portion I quoted, but the whole thing is there if you want to watch it.

We are living in grief-filled times. Perhaps all times are grief-filled to some extent—maybe grief and joy are always siblings. But grief does feel big in the world right now, and sometimes when the world feels big and scary we forget the antidote can be small things: reaching out to a friend who understands; prayer; rage baking (punch that dough!); singing in the shower; checking in on your neighbors; writing to your elected officials; rocking a baby to sleep. Little things are as important as big ones.

Sometimes life feels big and scary, but we are not alone. We have people who count on us, and people we can count on. And we have our God of Blessing.

Stay safe and warm in the days ahead.

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